Open air market guide

“Open-air markets” in Bangalore are common, though the term encompasses even vendors situated on the side of road. Most main streets also have a couple of these vendors pushing around carts selling fruits and vegetables of the season, and yelling out their goods for households to run out and make their purchase.

The more established outdoor markets have a large variety of produce, namely fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, spices and local staples. Many of these markets open with the rising sun and go on until after nightfall, and are very inexpensively priced.

  • More than a century old, K R Market more commonly referred to as City Market, is a bustling wholesale spot in the Chikpet area, with a large produce area and flower market. You can also buy small quantities for personal consumption from many vendors. It’s a busy spot where some price negotiation is possible.
  • Russel Market in the Shivajinagar area offers similar food and ware, also at the best prices in town. Both are open every day of the week.
  • If it’s an organic market you’re after, Jaivik Mal (also known as the Jaivik Krishik Society) is situated near the east gate of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Set up as a proper store, it’s run by a federation of organic farmers who sell local staples and produce. They sometimes host food fairs here too.

Be sure to carry cash and your own bags (though canvas bags are also sold within the markets