Bakery in Bangalore

There are plenty of bakeries in Bangalore, however, the local ones serve baked goods different to what most expats may be accustomed. Most sell a variety of very sweet Indian sweets, mediocre cakes, sweet rolls and fried and baked goods like samosas. Indian breads like naan, chapatti and roti are the staple carbohydrate and prepared fresh at home or in a restaurant, and bread is not part of the common diet. That said, bread is rather widely available, though typically the standard white sandwich bread is what you will find.

Grocery store chains like Nilgiris and Namdhari’s Fresh have some lovely breads (baguettes, whole wheat bread, etc) though stock can be inconsistent. To pamper your foreign flavours sweet tooth, there are a few popular options for European pastries, cakes and breads:

  • Cake Walk (Indira Nagar, Koramangala) offers an array of lovely decadent cakes, available for advance order
  • Herbs and Spice (Indira Nagar) a popular spot to fulfill a variety of hankerings from home
  • The French Loaf (Church St, Ulsoor, Cox Town, etc) serves up sandwiches and Italian-style baked goods, including calzones and several cakes (Tel: 080-2559 5544)
  • Thom’s Cafe (Frazertown) a popular expat grocery store with a large baked goods area too (Tel: 080 25361076)