Permanent accommodation options for expats

Settling down in Bangalore is quite easy these days as there are a plethora of properties both up for sale, as well as on lease.

The type of accommodation available in Bangalore varies significantly, however, for an ex-pat moving to Bangalore, common options include two to four-bedroom luxury (and super-luxury) apartments, luxury villas and independent houses.

Bungalows and Villas: Luxury villas should be the first choice of people who can afford them. These villas have various amenities and are constructed keeping the international community in mind. A bungalow or a villa in Bangalore typically has four or more bedrooms and can range from mid-level to ultra-luxury. They are usually found in gated communities and have high security.

Individual Houses: These can be smaller compared to the bungalows and villas and may have less than four bedrooms. The security factor of these individual houses depends mainly on the location as well as its construction style. If you will be travelling often, this may be a less appealing option for security purposes.

Apartments: Also called ‘flats’, apartments are occupied mostly by middle- and upper-middle-class people and can be found in almost all the prime localities of Bangalore. The security of these apartments or flats is higher than that of individual houses, as there is a watchman employed by the society maintained by the residents of these flats. Several flats are also popping up in gated communities, offering features like clubhouse, pool and gym and top-level security.