Five Reasons You May Want to Live in Hong Kong

Reasons to Live in Hong Kong

If you’re thinking of moving to Hong Kong and would like to learn more about what life there is actually like, check out our expat guide to living in Hong Kong. Written by expatriates who have been there and done that it contains honest practical information about setting up home, making friends and making this amazing city your own.

1) Safety

Hong Kong really is one of the safest places in the world. Although Singapore often springs to mind as an Asian city that offers expats a life that is free from crime and hassle, Hong Kong also benefits from low crime levels and a safe environment. Most apartment blocks have security guards and the general sense of security is very high.

2) The outdoors

When you conjure up images of Hong Kong it is highly likely that you think of a scrawling urban metropolis that is packed full of skyscrapers and buildings. While this is most certainly true of the majority of the central area, the reality is that approximately 70% of Hong Kong’s total land area is actually undeveloped and consists of country parks and open spaces. Expats can enjoy hiking trails of all levels, beaches, water sports and barbeque pits at destinations throughout the country.

3) Convenience

Hong Kong truly is a city that never sleeps and everything you could possibly need is right at your beckon call exactly when you need it. Taxis are always available at any hour, day or night, and shops, restaurants and bars open until the early hours of the morning. For better or for worse you really are never alone and there is always something to do and an expat who is willing to do it with you. For those who like shopping, there is always a shopping mall near at hand and throughout the country you can find a wide range of goods from both home and abroad.

4) The people

Hong Kong is an extremely fascinating city that seamlessly combines modern living with an interesting and varied history. It therefore goes without saying that the people who inhabit the city are also fascinating. The essence of Hong Kong really can be found in the people that you meet there. From the street hawkers peddling their wares through to the old men who tirelessly push their rubbish carts up the steep hillsides, the people who have spent their lives in this bustling, vibrant city have something to teach us all.

5) Cleanliness

Hong Kong is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Yes, it may be worn and tatty around the edges, but the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong transformed the people into hygiene conscious individuals who do the best to ensure that the city remains clean and free of germs at all times. From the sanitation stations that can be found in most public buildings through to regular sanitization of elevator buttons, there are very few places in this city were bacteria can breed unhindered and just dare to sneeze or cough on public transport without wearing a face mask and the looks you will receive will more than clearly communicate how the people here feel about germs…

Author: ExpatInfoDesk