Shanghai preview


Many people come to Shanghai expressly for the shopping. You can find trend-setting new designers, you can find bargains if you are up for negotiations “Chinese-style”, and you can also have clothes custom-made for a fraction of what it costs in America, Europe or Japan. Shopping in Shanghai is friendly, convenient, and you will have thousands of stores from which to choose. Part of Shanghai’s appeal lies in its extensively vibrant shopping environment. Whether you’re looking for local novelty items or international brand names, you can be sure to find a very wide range of choices in Shanghai.

General Comments

Stores in Shanghai offer shoppers a huge variety of styles, but the styles are the trendy ones sought after by buyers looking for the latest fashions. The women in Shanghai are far more fashion-conscious than almost any city in America or Europe. Even in China, Shanghai has a higher regard for trendiness than Beijing or even Hong Kong. Expats will finds stores with the latest European fashions, the street hip styles of urban America, and a myriad of new Chinese designers who are creating unique styles that look great. Shanghai is the place to shop for clothes.

The city offers the standard mega shopping malls, some with…