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Shanghai proves to be the most popular city for expats in mainland China

A recent survey of 72,000 expatriates in mainland China either by in-person questionnaires or a poll run on the China Daily website has shown Shanghai to be the…. Read More

China eases visa options for expats

The Chinese government has introduced a new class of visa to help attract foreign workers to China and make it easier for their families to join them…. Read More

Expats Throughout the World Face Higher Rental Prices

Rental costs in cities throughout the world are on the rise again as expat executives increase demand for rental properties. New research by residential and…. Read More

Expat Rental Rates on the Rise in Shanghai

The rental prices that expatriates pay in Shanghai are expected to rise by as much as 8 percent over the forthcoming year as a result of both the increase in the…. Read More

Number of Expats in Shanghai on the Rise

The number of expatriates living in Shanghai increased by 6.7 percent last year according to city officials. Over 173,000 expats now call Shanghai home…. Read More

Expats in Shanghai to Have More Say

Expatriates who live in Shanghai are to provided with an opportunity to contribute their opinions pertaining to how the city should be run through the establishment…. Read More

Japanese Expats Face Animosity in China

Japanese expatriates went into hiding yesterday as the anniversary of the Mukden incident invoked angry demonstrations against the Japanese. Many Japanese-owned…. Read More

Are Expats no Longer Welcome in China

Expats in Shanghai are speechless after a recent dawn raid on a popular expatriate nightclub has led to accusations uneasiness and accusations of xenophobia…. Read More

China is the Top Destination for Global Business Relocation

Employee mobility remains essential for companies that wish to compete on a worldwide scale but in recent years the ways in which companies are deploying…. Read More

China Proposes New Work Visa to Attract International Talent

In the ongoing bid to attract overseas talent continued this week as Chinese officials announced that they are considering implementing a new work visa to attract…. Read More

Are Expat Jobs in Asia Becoming Extinct

Are expats in Asia a thing of the past? If recruitment experts in Asia are to be believed, many Western companies in Asia are now looking to fill key roles…. Read More

Shanghai to Extend Length of Expat Visas

Officials in Shanghai are working on policies that will allow expatriates working in regional headquarters of multinational companies to remain in Shanghai for more…. Read More

Shanghai May Delay Social Security Payment Requirements for Expats

Shanghai’s controversial social security payment scheme may be delayed as a result of the reactions of expats and businesses. The scheme, which came into…. Read More

Employers Lack a Duty of Care for Overseas Assignees

A new survey has revealed that employers display a lack of awareness and duty of care relating to their responsibilities for staff that are placed on foreign…. Read More

Looking for a Job Abroad? Shanghai Needs You

Officials in China have revealed that they will be implementing a five-year plan that is aimed at attracting the foreign talent that can assist the city to become one…. Read More

Are Hong Kong Expats Struggling for Cash

Recent research by human resource management firm ECA has revealed that expatriates in Japan have the highest take-home salaries in the region, with an expat…. Read More

Top Emerging Markets for Expat Relocations Revealed

A recent survey of 116 multinational corporations has revealed that India and China are the most popular emerging market destinations for expatriate relocations…. Read More

Chinese Expat Tax Threshold Remains Unchanged

Expats in China have been disappointed to learn that their current income tax threshold of 4,800 Yuan will remain the same while the rest of China will enjoy…. Read More

Working Abroad a Requisite for a Career in Finance

Experience of working abroad should be high on the agenda for individuals who wish to pursue a career in finance according to research that was published this…. Read More

China Plans New Expat Social Security Tax

Expats living in China may be expected to pay higher taxes if a current plan to extend China’s social-security program to foreign nationals goes ahead. The new tax…. Read More

2011 Expat Show to be Held in Beijing

The 2011 Expat Show Beijing has been announced and it will take place between March the 25th and 27th this year at the China World Trade Centre, Beijing…. Read More

Expat news: Roundup of expat news stories from around the world- 24/07

Here’s our weekly roundup of expatriate news reports issued in countries throughout the world this week. What’s been happening near you? Expat news China…. Read More

Expat’s census China: China expatriates to be surveyed for first time

Concerns were raised yesterday in response to the Chinese government’s plans to introduce an expat census for all expatriates living in China and its…. Read More

Special Report: China Yuan re-evaluation. What does it mean for expats

The Central Bank of the People’s Republic of China this week announced that it would change the exchange rate regime of the Yuan Riminbi after maintaining a…. Read More

China’s “People’s Daily Online” requests expat contribution

The English department of the Internet site People’s Daily Online has issued a request for help to the expatriate community in China. They have recently…. Read More

Expats in China look forward to the World Expo

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 has been marketed as a “grand gathering of the world cultures” and expatriates living in the region are soon to find…. Read More

Shanghai police deny expat curfew plans

Shanghai police have denied rumors that they intend to impose a curfew on all expatriates during the forthcoming world expo. Online rumors circulating…. Read More

Expats in China to benefit from relaxed visa rules and regulations

It is anticipated that 2010 will see a marked increase in the amount of work visas issued to expatriates in China. It appears that the two previous years of restricted…. Read More

Expats in Asia suffer from increased living expenses

Human resources firm, ECA International, have issued research findings that reveal Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world in which to live. Expatriates…. Read More

Expats struggle to cope in China

A report issued by a Beijing-based training firm last week confirmed that up to 50% of the people who move to China as expatriates leave before planned due to…. Read More

Expats living in China turn to home schooling for their educational needs

Recent global economic events have given rise to an increase in the number of expat families who are choosing to educate their children at home as opposed…. Read More

Monthly Expat Events: Asia

Monthly Expat Events: Asia A round up of some of the monthly events that take place throughout Asia. China: Ningbolife: COIC Foreign Expert Committee…. Read More