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In spite of the fact that anyone can buy a pirated DVD of just about any movie, there are still many people who thoroughly enjoy the experience of the wide screen and surround sound. There are many theaters that offer supreme seating comfort and great popcorn. Prices run from 70-80 RMB for early shows and many Tuesday shows, to 100-150 RMB for prime-time show times. Tickets can be purchased in advance for movies showing the current day only (you must do this in person at the cinema's ticket office) – you cannot buy tickets for the next day's screenings. In addition, online ticket sales have not appeared yet.

Movies in Shanghai will show foreign movies in the original language – there is almost no dubbing of voices. Of course, the government censors are actively keeping out movies that star actors who pursue activities the government believes are detrimental to Chinese people (such as Tibet, Tienanmen Square, and other issues). Censors will also reject movies that do not cut their sex scenes. They have been known to reject movies or parts of movies that show China in what they consider to be a bad light, such as Mission Impossible 3.

  • UME International Cineplex in Xintiandi (6384 1122) features international movies in English, as well as the hot Chinese movies.
  • Shanghai Film Art Centre: This is the theater that hosts China’s only international movie festival, the Shanghai International Movie Festival (160 Xinhua Lu, Xuhui, 6280 4088).
  • Kodak CinemaWorld in Xujiahui (Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu, 6426 8181) also offer English language films.
  • Paradise Theatre on Anfu Road in the French Concession (6742 2606) has a 1950s décor, but does have popcorn.
  • Paradise Warner Cinema City in Hongqiao (Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu, 6407 6622) – a very nice and clean theater.
  • Studio City on Nanjing Xi Lu, Jing’an (6218 2173).
  • Cine Club de l’Alliance Francaise (297 Wusong Lu, Hongkou, 6357 5388) shows French films, located beside the Canadian Consulate in the Shanghai Centre on Nanjing Xi Lu (Shanghai Centre, 6279 8400)
  • German Consulate (Pidecmo Tower, 318 Fuzhou Lu, Huangpu; 6391 2068) shows Germany’s latest hits.
  • Miguel de Cervantes Library (198-208 Anfu Lu, Xuhui, 63213543) periodically screens Spanish films.

DVD Purchase/Rental

DVD rentals are virtually nonexistent in Shanghai. There are thousands of street vendors selling the latest Western movies long before they come to Asian cinemas.

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