Paris Ambulance Guide

In case of emergency the first number to call ambulance is the Sapeurs-Pompiers (firefighters) at 18. Paramedics, as known in many countries, do not exist in France; the sapeurs-pompiers fulfill that duty.

To dial an ambulance directly, call SAMU at 15. SAMU is an organization which oversees a number of certified ambulance services, and an ambulance with a doctor and nurse on board will be dispatched to you in case of emergency (bearing in mind your location, the nearest hospital, etc).

The Sapeurs-Pompiers and SAMU are French-language services, and English may not be spoken.

You may also dial 112, which is the pan-European emergency number where English will be spoken. The operators will be able to assist you with your emergency by connecting you to the proper organization. If you cannot give your information, they are able to identify your location and take appropriate action.

Private ambulances are used for the transportation of individuals from the hospital to their home, if need be. English-speaking ambulance services in Paris, therefore, are usually limited to expatriation services.

  • American Hospital of Paris, – Dial them directly to ensure that you are transported to their facility (the ambulance that they will dispatch to you may or may not be staffed with English speakers).

In addition, SOS Help is an English-language crisis line which operates from 3pm – 11 pm. Call