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Your pet must be kept on a leash when going for walks on the streets or in the park. As you will notice, there are no laws about cleaning up after your pet on the street, so watch your step! Within park grounds, however, you do need to clean up after your pet.


Dogs must be registered and licensed.

For a first-time licence, there is a Rs 100 charge for every year of a dog’s life. To register a two-year old dog, for example, you will pay 200 for the license and Rs 100 annually for each year of the dog's life. There is also a one-time fee of Rs 50 for the licence book.

To get a dog license, contact the nearest establishment listed below. You will need to provide proof from a veterinarian that your pet has been vaccinated before receiving your pet's license.

For Mumbai city:

  • Mahalaxmi Dog Kennel. Call 022 2308 5118.

For the Eastern suburbs:

  • Dog licensing establishment in Mulund West. Call 022 2561 8000.

For the Western suburbs:

  • Dog licensing establishment in Bandra East. Call 022 2640 9275.
  • Dog licensing establishment in Malad West. Call 2880 4195.


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