Mumbai preview


Indian cuisine is regional and changes significantly as you travel north to south and east to west. The biggest distinction is north India's preference for bread, meat, and chai (tea), compared to the south's preference for rice, pulses, and coffee. But Mumbai is a mixture of cultures, as motley as the crunchy-smushy-salty-sweet-and-tangy tastes of a bhelpuri street snack, and the dishes served are just as varied.

You'll delight in spicy curries with rice or naan, sweet and juicy mangoes, flavorful chutneys, warming biryanis, milky chai, fresh and sour lime juice, and pomfret cooked to perfection. And though many Indians are Hindus and don't eat meat, there are lots of non-vegetarian options, with mutton and chicken being most popular. One thing is certain: whether it's northern or southern, spicy or mild, vegetarian or not, the food in Mum…