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When you need an ambulance, you need one fast. But in Mumbai, traffic is heavy and drivers largely ignore flashing sirens, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to come as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may be best to transfer the patient to the hospital on your own.

If you do require an ambulance, order one from the closest hospital or call the appropriate emergency number below. There will be English-speaking staff. You can also contact the Golden Hour Project, whose mission is to reach the scene of an accident or incident within one hour of calling. Call the location nearest to the victims.

Police are often seen patrolling in the streets, mostly to guide traffic. There are police stations in each neighborhood. Unfortunately, corruption is rampant and many police accept bribes. If you are pressed for a bribe, note the police officer's name and badge number and report it to the police station.

Emergency ServicePhone Number
Police 100
Fire 101
Ambulance for an accident 102 or 1298
Ambulance for a heart attack 105
Women and children in distress 103 or 1298
Children in need of help 103 or 1098
Golden Hour Project Dadar: 430-8888 or 422-2040
Khar: 646-1278
Mulund: 564-5385
Capron Oxygen Agencies 834-2439 or 837-1164
Prakash Oxygen 649-3865