Mumbai preview


Mumbai is not the most pet-friendly of cities. Keeping small pets such as birds is fairly common, but you will see many more stray dogs sleeping on the streets than leashed pooches with their proud owners. The list of drawbacks exceeds the pluses of bringing your pet in many cases, though your ultimate decision will come down to your circumstances and feelings on the matter.

Do try to be realistic when deciding whether you bring your pet or not. Mumbai is hot, dirty, and polluted. There are not many green spaces for running and exercising your pet, and rabies is a major concern. Consider all aspects of your family's situation, including the type of pet you have, your pet's age and health, how long you plan to live in Mumbai, if your pet can tolerate much more time spent indoors, and of course the emotional and financial hardship of leaving a pet behind in your home country.

If you do decide to bring Fluffy or Fido, the good news is that English-speaking vets are available at rates much lower than in western countries. Another plus is the recent rise of pet pampering in Mumbai. There are more designated dog parks, pet salons, and pet shops and pet bakeries than ever before. See the "Facilities for Pets" section for more information.