Mail Order Guide for Expats

Mail order as a stand-alone industry is not widely used in Australia. With even major retailers still lacking websites that allow you to browse their inventory or order online, most Australian’s depend on a few reliable sources for purchasing specific products remotely.

1800 500 260
Cellarmasters offers direct-to-public wine sales from wholesalers. You can order specific wines via their catalogue or let them surprise you with a mixed selection as a member of their wine club, on monthly subscription basis.

Big Brown Box
1300 369 265
This site specializes in big name electronics and appliances at discounted prices. Usually far more affordable than buying from retailers in the city, and delivered for free, this can be a great option for those who know what product they want.

Fishpond Books
While most other countries can order new and used books from online retail giant Amazon, distance and shipping costs to Australia usually negate any savings. Fishpond offers many of the same books, CDs and DVDs sold by Amazon, but shipped directly from within Australia.