Every local suburban market in Melbourne has a touch of the Flea Market to it. There are very few that specialise in true Flea-ness, although several stand out as opportunities for the eccentric collector, or an interesting way to spend a weekend morning.

Camberwell Market
Station Street, Camberwell
Sundays 7am-12:30pm
The most well known flea market in the Melbourne area. Casual stall renters and regulars alike display their wares ranging from classic vinyl records and 70s era furniture, to vintage fur coats and one-of-a-kind artwork.

El Dorado’s Kings and Beggars Market
25-31 Boundary Road, Laverton North
Everyday 8am-4pm
This market is a bit further out of the city, and advertises itself as a place to find “Trash and Treasure”. However, experience can attest to the fact that the majority of wares on offer would fall into the former category.