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Public Holiday 2010 2011 Purpose
New Year's Day Friday 1 January
Saturday 1 January
Australia Day Tuesday 26 January Wednesday 26 January
The celebration of the inauguration of Australia as an independent nation.
Labour Day Monday 8 March Monday 14 March
Celebration of the introduction of the 40 hour week - Ironically, most blue-collar industries work on this day.
Good Friday Friday 2 April Friday 22 April
Christian holiday - Crucifixion of Christ
The Saturday before Easter Sunday Saturday 3 April Saturday 24 April
This has no religious significance, apart from the Australian fondness for holidays.
Easter Monday Monday 5 April Monday 25 April
Resurrection of Christ was yesterday (Easter Sunday), so the weekend is stretched out.
ANZAC Day Monday 26 April Tuesday 26 April (a day in Lieu as Easter Monday falls on the traditional A…