Public Holiday20212022Purpose
New Year’s DayFriday 1 JanuarySaturday 1 January
Australia DayTuesday 26 JanuaryWednesday 26 JanuaryThe celebration of the inauguration of Australia as an independent nation.
Labour DayMonday 8 MarchMonday 14 MarchCelebration of the introduction of the 40 hour week – Ironically, most blue-collar industries work on this day.
Good FridayFriday 2 AprilFriday 22 AprilChristian holiday – Crucifixion of Christ
The Saturday before Easter SundaySaturday 3 AprilSaturday 24 AprilThis has no religious significance, apart from the Australian fondness for holidays.
Easter MondayMonday 5 AprilMonday 25 AprilThe resurrection of Christ was yesterday (Easter Sunday), so the weekend is stretched out.
ANZAC DayMonday 26 AprilTuesday 26 April (a day in Lieu as Easter Monday falls on the traditional Anzac Day in 2022)Acronym for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day celebrates Australia´s participation in World War II.
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 14 JuneMonday 13 JuneAlthough Australia is essentially a Republic, they still take a day off to celebrate Lizzie´s birthday.
Melbourne Cup DayTuesday 2 NovemberTuesday 3 NovemberIf you never gamble otherwise, you need to put a bet on one of the horses running in the Melbourne Cup. Also break out the pretty dresses and champagne.
Christmas DayMonday 27 December (a day in lieu as Christmas falls on a weekend in 2021)Monday 26 December (a day in lieu as Christmas falls on a weekend in 2022)Christian Holiday – Birth of Christ
Boxing DaySunday 26 Dec &
Tuesday 28 December
Tuesday 27 December (a day in lieu as Boxing Day Monday Holiday falls on Christmas day in lieu in 2022)The day after Christmas is a holiday – traditionally a time to go to the cricket, or head to the post-Christmas sales for bargains. The name either comes from the boxing matches traditionally held on this day, or the habit of boxing up unwanted gifts for exchange.