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Banking in Australia is efficient, convenient, and extremely safe. Branches with tellers and stand-alone ATMs are widespread and can be found almost anywhere. Internet banking is extremely popular in Melbourne, with different banks offering varying degrees of services online.

Recent years have seen banks making a strong push towards online services. Some banks have begun charging fees to speak with a teller in person, in an attempt to encourage their customers to adopt a self-service approach to banking. The convenience factor of these self-service systems can be high if you are comfortable dealing with non-human banking mechanisms, but have been known to cause problems in situations where face-to-face communication or explanation from a real-live human is needed.

Banking Hours

Bank branches hours are usually 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, although some close earlier. Some banks (Bendigo Bank and ANZ) are open on Saturday mornings, which is hugely convenient when you work during business hours and have a transaction that cannot be taken care of over the phone.


In and around the city, ATMs are widespread. If you u…