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Melbourne has a diverse ranges of faiths, although the top two are Christianity (there are 15 branches of Christianity routinely practiced in Melbourne) followed by Agnosticism.

Most services are conducted in English, although you can find an occasional Latin Mass offered in St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne’s CBD. This will usually happen only on certain special occasions like Christmas Eve. Other branches of Christianity also conduct their services in English, as well as Greek, Macedonian, Ukrainian and Serbian Orthodox services (although if you want to make friends when the service is over, it will pay to be bilingual). Hebrew is spoken in synagogues, although you will not find any Jewish Melburnians who cannot speak English. Similarly, you will hear Arabic used if you attend mosque, but English is perfectly acceptable for communicating after the service. For Hindus, Pooja is usually held at 8am and 7.30pm. Baha'i services are held in the homes of fellow believers, as there is only one temple in Australia and it is in Sydney.

A list of all places of worship to be found in Melbourne is below. Many do not have direct phone lines (and no websites) but when you get there, worship times will be clearly displayed on noticeboards and the like.


Chinese Christian

Central Chinese Baptist Church
135 Capel Street, North Melbourne
03 9329 6065

Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church
75A Cotham Rd, Kew
03 9855 2868


Scots Church
99 Russell St, Melbourne
03 9650 9903


The Ukrainian Catholic Church
35 Canning Street, North Melbourne
03 9320 2566‎

St. Mary Star of the Sea
33 Howard Street, West Melbourne
03 9328 3474

St Francis Church
326 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
03 9663 2495

St James Old Cathedral
2 Batman St, West Melbourne
0417 387 799


Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission
261-265 Spring St, Melbourne
0403 847 517‎

Holy Trinity Greek
2 Leeds St, Footscray
03 9687 2727
319 Burnley St, Richmond
03 9428 1284‎
Royal Parade, Parkville
0403 381 967‎