While the cost of living in Melbourne will obviously vary from family to family, the following is an indication of what you might expect to spend, as a family with two children.

Item DescriptionPrice (AU$)
Rent for a three bedroom family home1000 /wk
Gas150 (3 months)
Electricity200 (3 months)
Water100 (3 months)
Milk, pasteurised whole milk (1 L)2.07
Butter, table quality (500 g)3.54
Eggs, large, grade A (12)4.50
Bread, white sliced toast (1 kg)4.25
Rice, long-grain (1 kg)2.39
Spaghetti (1 kg)3.98
Sugar, granulated white (1 kg)1.54
Flour, for baking, white (1 kg)2.46
Instant coffee (125 g)10.50
Ground coffee (500 g)22.30
Coca-Cola (1 L)4.25
Olive oil (1 L)16.50
Potatoes (1 kg)3.22
Garlic (150 g)1.11
Tomatoes (1 kg)5.98
Apples (1 kg)4.98
Beef, filet mignon, chateaubriand (1 kg)36.00
Beef, lean ground for hamburgers (1 kg)11.99
Ham, sliced cooked for sandwiches (1 kg)18.48
Chicken, whole, ready for roasting (1 kg)12.70
Table salt, fine (500 g)1.27
Ice cream, vanilla (1 L)8.00
Taxi Ride (30 minute trip)50
Weekly Met Ticket30
Cinema ticket18 (child’s price: 11)
Opera/ballet ticket75
Gym membership80/month
Meal for 2 in upmarket restaurant450 (inc drinks)
Meal for 4 in family restaurant100 (inc drinks)
School fees
Public Primary300/year (optional)
Public High School500/year (optional)
Private Primary10,000/year (compulsary)
Private High School20,000/year (compulsary)
Cable TV100/month
Home internet80/month
Mobile phone80/month
1h of housekeeping35
1h of babysitter20-30
Shirt dry cleaning6