Renting without a driver

Most major rental companies make cars available to foreigners but have requirements for those renters. Most require that the renter be over the age of 21, has a major credit card issued to them, a valid international driver license and a valid passport.

The rates you will pay for a rental car will vary based upon the rental car company that you select, their offered specials, type of car that you select to rent and the duration of the rental. Be sure to compare costs and options before making your long term selection. Rates generally start at about $25 a day with limited mileage. Many rental car companies offer discounts for long term rentals or have specific packages such as for weekends.

Insurance coverage is required and must be purchased through the rental car company. Some credit cards may offer coverage through the issued credit card the rental will be charged to but most rental car companies will not provide a vehicle without purchasing coverage through them. They just want to make sure that you and them will be covered and the insurance they provide is full coverage, meaning any damage to the vehicle, no matter who caused it, will be covered.

Here are some of the top rental car companies within Houston to consider:

If you are not committed to a specific rental company, you can also use online travel sites such as Expedia ( or Hotwire ( to find which car company is offering the lowest rates for your requirements.

Renting with a driver

If you are uncomfortable driving in Houston yourself, you may also contact a limo service to be driven to your destinations, such as the airport. Rates are generally per hour and start around $50: or check the section “Taxi” for more information.