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Houston has one of the most competitive costs of living for individuals and families. The cost of living in Houston is about a quarter below national average for families and even lower compared to other metropolitan areas. One of the primary reasons that the city experiences lower cost of living is that it has a lower average utility cost, lower health care cost, lower grocery cost and a competitive housing market, making the city one of the most affordable cities in which to reside. Housing within Houston is roughly 29% lower than other major metropolitan cities in the United States.

The median household income for Houston families in 2008 was roughly $44,000, making the city an affordable option for residents and for those who are looking to move into the area.

Overall, the U.S. consumer price index has risen by 1.5 % in 2010.

A listing of price ranges for the average cost of living in Houston:


For a family with two children and looking for a 3-bedroom apartment, the average cost is around $2,000, averaging $ 1,200 in the outskirts to $ 3,000 in the River Oaks or Galleria area.

A single family home sells currently on average for around $157,000.

Utility bills include electricity, gas and water and range around $ 200 – 300 for a 3-bedroom apartment.


Basic food products are generally higher in the U.S. than in other countries, particularly for fruits and vegetables but below national average in Houston (due to close proximity to countries and states producing food and the fact that Houston has a port). Prices vary by store and depending…