As the 4th largest city in the U.S., Houston has just about everything to offer in entertainment that there is. Houstonians have an abundance of opportunities to keep themselves occupied in their free time and are very social and highly interested in sports.

Houston is known for great food and, due to the vast diversity in cultures, there is a high quantity of restaurants satisfying every taste. Eating out is a popular activity in Houston and many restaurants are open at all hours. Some eateries in busy areas of Houston, fast food restaurants, or restaurants like IHOP (the International House of Pancakes) which serve breakfast, lunch or dinner, are open 24 hours.

Houston also has a very active theatre district with opera, ballet and live theatre. The theatre district is located downtown and is a favorite way for Houstonians to entertain themselves; Christmas plays are especially popular. The theatre district also hosts Broadway shows.

Houston has just about every sporting team of the major sport types and great sports facilities, with the latest being the Reliant Center, a huge football stadium constructed for the Houston Texans that also holds events such as Monster Jam and the Houston Rodeo, which takes place every spring for several weeks.

Houstonians like to watch sports in bars and pubs, as well, while gathering with friends and drinking beer. Those places are especially popular with expats as these pubs have many TV monitors showing different types of sports, from soccer to motor sports and tennis and are a great way to get together, for example, for world championship viewing parties.

Downtown also has a good selection of bars and clubs but regular meeting places for expats generally do not exist and popularity changes frequently. It is advised to check the Houston Press free newspaper, available at many public businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets, for happening places or the ‘Best of… ‘ section at