Houston preview



Houston is considered a metropolitan city and crime is definitely an issue. The major crimes are identity theft, auto theft, theft and burglary, robbery, assault, rape and murder.

While some neighborhood areas are well-known for high crime rates and a lot of gang activity, such as Greenspoint (north at I-45 between Houston and Spring) or the Wards (east of downtown Houston), any location in Houston can be dangerous and one should never be unprepared or unaware.

It doesn’t matter whether it is daytime or night, many burglaries are committed during the day when homeowners are at work. An expat at work all day should install an alarm and keep all blinds closed when not at home. Having a radio running loud can also help to keep away intruders, or keep a dog.

Also, don’t leaves valuables such as a purse or a navigation system visible in your car; hide them in the glove box or under a blanket on the rear seat or lock valuables in the trunk of your car whenever you leave the car.

Everyone, but women in particular, should always be aware of their surroundings and look around when exiting or entering their car or home.

Houstonians are also very concerned about child predators and it is common for children to be driven to school rather than be allowed to walk, even if the school is nearby.


Traffic is also an issue and many areas do not provide safe sidewalks or street crossings. Many expats are used to walking to stores or work and you will see some people do so, but caution needs to be taken when walking near …