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911 is the number to call in case of any emergency. When calling 911 for an emergency, you will be asked if you need to speak to the police or to the fire department or ambulance. When choosing police, you will be routed to the nearest department; within the city limits to the HPD and outside the city limits to the Harris County Sheriff’s department. When choosing fire and ambulance, no matter whether you report a fire or medical emergency, you will most likely activate the fire department which will arrive with a fire truck and an ambulance. The ambulance may be owned by the fire department or called in from a local hospital or ambulance service. The reason a fire truck can be dispatched for a medical emergency is that a lot of fire fighters are also paramedics or have paramedics in their service. If the paramedics have their own ambulance, it is possible that only an ambulance will arrive. For traffic incidents, several departments may show up depending on location and circumstance.

If you have an Internet phone, make sure it supports 911 and that you set up a profile with your current address and update it if you move.

Being a city close to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is at…