Houston is an extremely pet friendly city. When you bring your pet or find a pet after you arrive, you will be pleased with the many amenities offered. Houstonians are so pet friendly that they have supported a legal bill, which is now law, that allows smaller pets to accompany their owners in buses during an evacuation, such as during a hurricane.

Keeping a pet in Houston is not very expensive as there is no local tax, only the requirement for a rabies vaccination. However, when renting an apartment or a house, you may have to pay a non-refundable pet deposit. In addition, you may also only be allowed to keep a certain number of pets (birds, etc. are generally excluded from this rule) and there may be a limit on the weight in pounds of the animal as well. Most apartments or privately rented homes limit to two pets (cats/dogs) and under 50 lbs. If you have more than two animals that are larger than 50 lbs, the availability of homes will shrink drastically and may become a challenging search and you may be better off purchasing a house or finding a home for them before relocating. It is strongly advised to keep your pets in mind when looking for a home and search specifically for homes with a pet friendly policy. Then ask about the specific rules of keeping a pet in that home.

Most Houstonians take very good care of their pets. You will rarely see a stray dog as they are usually picked up quickly by concerned residents or the city pound. Spaying and neutering is very popular and some organizations offer low cost spay and neuter programs. Animal cruelty laws are strictly enforced and the HSPCA also has a segment on a TV animal channel called Animal Cops.

Shopping for pet owners is also very easy. Besides the aisle in every supermarket offering a good variety of foods, treats and toys, there are many large pet store chains and smaller pet shops that offer anything you would need. If you choose to bring a pet into your home once you arrive in Houston, these same stores offer a great variety of pets. In addition, there are innumerable adoptable pets from local shelters.