The primary language both within Houston and the U.S. is English. As Texas is close to Mexico and Hispanics are a large population in Houston, many Houstonians speak Spanish. In business, it is imperative to speak English. Spanish is optional and helpful if you would like to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers, domestic help, and service providers. If English is not your primary language, there are many methods in which you can learn the language including audio tapes, multi-media online programs, and local schools.

Many schools, such as local colleges and independence school districts have evening classes available for adults wanting to learn English as a second language. Be aware, however, that a lot of the classes are taken by Spanish-speaking people and the instructions may be structured to assist them which may make it a challenge for you as a non-Spanish-speaking foreigner. When looking at schools and courses, inquire about the structure of the class and who the target audience is.

Here are several of Houston’s top English schools that also offer classes in Business English:

Bilingual Education Institute
IEP Program
6060 Richmond Ave. Suite 180
Houston, TX 77057

Rice University
Continued Study
6100 Main MS-550
Houston, TX 77005

University of St. Thomas
4200 Montrose Blvd., Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77006-4696

The local community colleges and Katy ISD Community program, for example, offer language classes as well. Check with your local school for community or continuing education classes for adults.