Flea markets, like those found in other parts of the world, are not common in Houston and flea markets here are simply a mixture of stores and booths by different vendors.

One highly recommended flea market in the Houston area is Traders Village. Traders Village lies in NW Houston, off the intersection of Eldridge and W. Little York Rd, close to Hwy 290, and is the largest flea market in the area. It offers anything that people can sell and is heavily visited on the weekends, often clogging the nearby roads.

The list will include more, but once you visit them, you may or may not find what you expected. Most flea markets offer either a Mexican or Asian theme and some have better selections of goods on offer than others. Regular visits and some luck are what usually provide the best shopping results.

Traders Village Houston
7979 N. Eldridge Rd.
Houston, TX 77041

A1 Flea Market
717 Maxey Rd.
Houston, TX 77013
713 451-4434

Bettys Sandwich Shop & Flea Market
9507 Kingspass St.
Houston, TX 77075
985 986-1366

Cheng’s Flea Market
10802 Airline Dr.
Houston, TX 77037
281 445-5269

Frank & AJ Super Flea Market
5604 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX 77087
713 242-9077

Houston Indoor Flea Market
6116 Windswept Ln.
Houston, TX 77057
713 266-2785

King’s Flea Market
5100 Griggs Rd.
Houston, TX 77021
713 747-9234

Sin Ta Flea Market
8813 Airline Dr.
Houston, TX 77037
281 931-8519

South Post Oak Flea Market
14365 S Post Oak Rd.
Houston, TX 77045
713 413-4500

Sunny Flea Market
8705 Airline Dr.
Houston, TX 77037
281 445-1981

Westheimer Flea Market
1735 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77098
713 874-0773