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Open-air markets, or as they are called locally ‘farmers markets’, are not common in Houston. Houstonians like to purchase conveniently in air-conditioning and a clean environment such as a grocery store and, as a result, farmers markets are dwindling. You will find a few farmers markets or local farmers parked on the side of the road selling produce on your way out of town off Hwy 290 towards Austin or Hwy 6 towards Navasota or sometimes at a corner somewhere in Houston.

That said, there are still a few good farmers markets in Houston who sell their produce, such as locally grown fruits and vegetables, locally raised meat and poultry products, breads and herbs; locally being from the general area in Texas but not necessarily from Houston directly. Some growers specialize in humanely raised and all natural meat products or organic fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to ask freely when browsing the market and asking for prices and bargains. The markets are generally open in any weather, …

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