When the stay in Houston is foreseen to be longer than a year, most expats switch from hotels or furnished, temporary living to unfurnished rented apartments or houses.

Many long term expats do not receive reimbursement for their living expenses. For them, the benefit of renting something permanent over living in temporary housing is definitely cost. Furnished residences can be very expensive with the average cost at about $2,000 a month compared to renting for $1000. Living with one’s own furniture or requiring more room may also be desired at some point. The most popular properties to rent are units in apartment complexes.

If expats plan on staying for an unforeseen time, or would rather invest than pay rent, they may even consider purchasing a home. The home can either be rented out if they are relocated or sold for a profit if the house is listed in a popular market price range, which is generally between $100,000 to $300,000. The more expensive and luxurious the house, the harder the resale. Houston has a fairly good housing market compared to the rest of the country and purchasing a house is always appealing to an expat who can afford it and has a longer stay, generally longer than 5 years. The most popular properties to buy are single family homes.

There are certain processes for finding a place to live, purchasing or renting and the following sections will guide the expat to a home in Houston.