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There are several categories of work visas in Argentina, but the ones most commonly obtained are valid for up to one year after issuance.

Under Argentine law, obtaining a work visa is the responsibility of the employer, who is in charge of petitioning the National Immigration Office (Direcion Nacional de Migraciones) for permission to hire a foreign employee. In fact, the visa that is issued is actually issued to the employer, and if an employee leaves the job or is fired, their visa is no longer valid and they must leave the country. That being said, there are three steps for an employer to obtain a visa for a foreign employee:

Step 1: Petition. Employer petitions the DNM for permission to hire a foreign employee. The employer must show proof of a pre-established work contract in order to submit this petition. The contract must be signed by the employer in front of an official notary in Argentina, as well as by the employee in an Argentine consulate in their home country. If permission is granted, a temporary residence permit (or 'Permiso de Ingreso,' which is not the actual visa) will be issued to the employer on the employee's behalf. The employer will then send the file with the Permiso de Ingreso and the work contract to the Argentine consulate in the employee's home country.

Step 2: Visa application. The employee must then go in person to the Argentine consulate in their home country to apply for a work visa. The employee must produce:

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