Buenos Aires preview


Porteños love their dogs, and it is a common sight to see dog walkers with a harem of man's best friends encircling them as they travel around the barrios. Dogs are welcomed in all parks, and many of them have designated leash-free areas where dogs can run free. Cats are a frequent sight as well, some with collars, some without, but the pet of choice in the city is a dog. Many locals who live in houses, rather than apartments, will have several.

There are no real leash laws in the city, although dog walkers (known as 'paseaperros') are limited to walking only eight dogs at a time (even though you will frequently see more), and most people will freely let their dogs roam in the streets during their daily walks. Most are well behaved, and most owners are conscientious about cleaning up any messes left by their dogs. However, like everything else, this varies from barrio to barrio. In Microcentro, there are a lot more stray dogs wandering around, so watch your step, especially on Sundays, when businesses are closed and shop owners don't bother cleaning the sidewalks outside their stores. Avoiding messes is an art form that the locals have mastered.