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Obtaining a visa can be a lengthy and expensive process. Fortunately, for foreigners wanting to relocate to Argentina, the laws and environment in this country are open and encouraging. Going through the legal process to get a visa does not necessarily incite the desire to immigrate illegally, as is the case in some countries. Argentina is welcoming to foreigners looking to relocate, and the government encourages the additional workforce and investment.

There are many different visa categories to keep in mind when preparing to move to Buenos Aires. The requirements change depending on your country of origin, under what circumstance you're relocating to Argentina (study, work, retire), and the length of your intended stay (temporary or permanent). All of these will require documentation, such as a valid passport and criminal background checks, as well as forms specific to your status as an expatriate.

If you are planning a reconnaissance trip to Argentina, and you are from the US, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or any of the Mercosur member countries, all you need is a valid passport. Upon entry, you …