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Public holidays are known as 'feriados' in Argentina. All government offices, as well as most businesses and schools, are closed on these dates. For Christmas and New Year's, most stores and groceries will close down early the day before, and few will reopen until the day after. (Some exceptions are shops run by immigrants, especially in Chinatown, and some stores in tourist areas.) Some shopping centers in the Microcentro also close on Labor Day (May 1), regardless of whether the day falls on a weekend.

If a feriado falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, then the Monday before or Friday after is also counted as a holiday. These days are called 'puentes', or bridges, as they "connect" the holiday with the weekend. However, if a feriado falls on a Saturday or Sunday, no additional day off is given on Friday or Monday.


January 1 (Sat) - New Year's Day

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