Buenos Aires preview


The following prices are approximations from the time that the most recent edition of this guide was compiled (October 2011). At this time, the rate of inflation in Argentina was estimated at 25-30% annually.


The price for a typical 3-bedroom apartment in the center of the city ranges between US$1,800-$2,000. An apartment in this price range will typically be fully furnished and recently remodeled, and the price may also include amenities, such as utility costs, building fees ('expensas') and security or housekeeping services.


Utilities, per month, tend to only cost about $50-$150 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.


Food prices have increased significantly due to inflation, but still remain rather low in comparison to other western countries. For example (prices in pesos):

  • liter of milk, $5
  • loaf of bread, $7
  • half dozen eggs, $6
  • kilo of rice, $8 (upwards of $20 for imported rice)
  • kilo of white potatoes, $3.50
  • kilo of oranges, $3
  • kilo of strawberries, $10 in season
  • half-kilo of sliced ham, $30
  • half-kilo of deli cheese, $25