Buenos Aires preview


It can be difficult conducting bank transactions if you don't speak Spanish, however all major banks will have a manager who can speak some English. For everyday transactions, it can be frustrating, but the tellers are patient while you figure out what it is that they need from you. You will be required to show your passport or DNI for all transactions. Banks are open from 10am-3pm, with ATMs typically being serviced between 3-5pm. Keep this in mind if you're going to withdraw money during the weekday, as the machines are inoperable for an hour, and this is fairly common amongst all the banks in the city. ATMs are everywhere, and all the banks have their machines in the front of the building, with access given by swiping your ATM card after hours.

The banks are not a source of emotional security for most porteños and expats who lived through the economic crash in 2001, when the banks seized everyone's private funds and would not allow people to withdraw money. Because of this, Argentina is a cash-based society. Most people dea…