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As in most of Latin America, Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Argentina, and there is at least one church in every Buenos Aires neighborhood to accommodate the faithful. Very few of them, however, offer services in English. One church that does is Madre Admirable in Retiro (Arroyo 917, phone 4393-3887), with an English-language mass each Sunday at 10am. Specific mass schedules throughout the city can also be obtained through this church locator: http://www.horariosdemisa.com.ar/english/index.html

The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptistis an Anglican church that holds mass in English every Sunday at 9:30, except for the fourth Sunday every month when they hold the mass at 10:00. It is located at 25 de Mayo 282, just three blocks from Plaza de Mayo.

International Bible Church is located at Sarmiento 618 in Martinez, just outside the city limits. It has English ser…