Tipping Guide for Expats

Germany is not a very generous country when it comes to tipping. However, the following are scenarios in which you would likely do so.

In Restaurants and Bars

Service fees are usually included in your bill, however tipping is welcome. Leaving the tip on the table for the waiter is not customary. Instead, when paying the bill, simply tell the waiter how much you’d like the total bill to be – usually you just round up to the nearest dollar. He or she will pay back your change and keep the tip.

In Taxis

It is common to tip the taxi driver. If the journey was short then you simply round up to the nearest dollar. Otherwise it is not unrealistic to tip up to 10%.


As one of the lowest paid jobs in Berlin, it is commonplace to tip your hairdresser. Depending on what you have done, you would tip somewhere between €1 – €5.