Beauty Services in Berlin

Beauty services in Berlin are generally a little hard to find, especially those that speak English. The prices are moderate to expensive depending on where you are going (for those salons with English-speaking staff, you are looking at the upper end). Waxing isn’t generally something that is largely embraced by females in Germany, however in Berlin things are changing.

Most lower end salons don’t allow you to make an appointment, in most cases you must take a number and wait awhile (especially in hair salons).

For beauty treatments, it is not uncommon for the therapist to stay in the room while you undress. Given the general position on nudity in German society – this is not surprising. However, this is all handled professionally.

Some salons through Berlin that have English-speaking staff are as follows:

Beauty Salons

ABC Nailstore
Havemannstrasse 10a, Marzahn.
Tel: 030 9349 4646

Beauty and Nature
Schloßstr 94 , Steglitz
Tel: 030 7901 6585

Knabe & Knabe
Kosmetik Institut Diane Wiards, Tempelhofer Damm 210, Tempelhofer
Tel: 030 751 6087

Danckelmannstrasse 42, Charlottenburg.
Tel: 030 3643 4800

Meinecke Str. 26, Charlottenburg.
Tel: 030 8870 1944

Spa de Rome
Behrenstrasse 37, Mitte
Tel: 030 460 60 911 60

Wax in the City
Alte Schönhauserstraße 33-34 , Mitte
Tel: 030 2345 6761

Hair Salons

Kuerfurstendamm 26A, Charlottenburg.
Tel: 030 8870 8799

Goerlitzer Str. 58, Kreuzberg.
Tel: 030 3920 2369

Oranienplatz 1, Kreuzberg.
Tel: 030 2786 444

Katrin Haeseler Hair & Beauty Lounge
Metzer Str. 14, Prenzlauer Berg.
Tel: 030 7545 2471

Koppenstrasse 77, Friedrichshain.
Tel: 030 296 5446