Finding a Home in Berlin

Once you have made the all-important decision about where you want to live and the type of accommodation you would like, you can begin the fun part – finding it.

There are a lot of different ways to search for housing in Berlin. Outlined below are the most common approaches to finding that perfect place. Keep in mind that there are limited English listings for the rental market. However, the German papers and websites are all very easy to navigate even if you don’t speak any German. The only English publication is the Exberliner (see below, under Magazines).



On Saturday, the main German daily newspapers have a large real estate section known as the Wohnen. The best ones are:



  • Germany’s largest real estate website is ImmobilienScout24. Here you will find a huge range of properties for sales or rental.

A couple of other great websites catering to those looking for shared accommodation are:

All of these sites allow you to setup an account to received email notifications when something relevant to you is listed.

All sites are in German only.



There are some magazines that are a good resource for finding furnished, non- furnished and housing shares:

German Magazines

English Magazine

Exberliner (Exberliner also offers an English-speaking accommodation service.)

All magazines provide online portals that are updated in real time, so it’s best to check online.


Real Estate Agents

Sometimes it is just easier to get someone to do the work for you. There are a number of agents available and commissions can vary dramatically from between 15% and 100% of one monthly Kaltmiete (rent without side costs). Be sure to negotiate, as rates are market driven. Service can vary greatly from agent to agent, and often is dependent on the agreed commission.

Some properties available through an agency are provided “provision-free”. In this case, usually, the owner will cover the fees, However, this is not the norm.

The following agents have a wide offer, and are all used to dealing with English-speaking house hunters:

Iomauna Media GmbH
Metzerstr 19
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Tel: 030 4737 2968

Nordstadt Immobilien GmbH
Berliner Str. 137
13467 Berlin-Hermsdorf
Tel: 030 4050 8888

Reinhardtstr 27
10117 Berlin
Tel: 030 5059 6944