How well do you know Bangalore? Take our quiz to find out.

1. The name Bangalore is an anglicized version of the city's name in the Kannada language. Which name is this?

2. Bangalore is referred to as the ______ city of India?

3. What is the name of the cricket stadium in Bangalore?

4. In which state in India is Bangalore located?

5. By what name is the Kannada film industry known?

6. From which river does the majority of Bangalore’s water supply come from?

7. Which of the following national parks is located in Bangalore?

8. In which year did the currency change from Kanteerava pagoda to Rupee?

9. Central College was established in Bangalore in which year?

10. The first motor car hit the roads of Bangalore in?

11. Bangalore became the first city in India to have electricity in?

12. Bangalore went on air with the commissioning of a radio transmitter in the city in?

13. Bangalore was re-named as Bengalooru in?

14. It is customary to touch the feet of the elderly?

15. There are seldom handshakes between men and women because of religious beliefs?

16. When dinning in the home of an Indian family you should always finish all the food given to you?

17. You should always shake hands, eat food and pass objects with your right hand?

18. In India you should never arrive at a home unannounced?

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Five top tips

01Always carry several passport-sized head shots with you. You will require these for nearly every account you open and every form that you complete.
02When filing applications and opening accounts (particularly with government offices) ensure you bring with you every imaginable supporting document.
03Government offices in particular can be very arbitrary and demanding on your patience, so be prepared for a full run-around and keep your patience!
04Building a social network in Bangalore is very important, both for the feel-good factor, as well the premise that India operates on connections.
05As a foreigner, you may not be expected to play by the many cultural rules that exist for most Indians. Despite this you should always make an effort.

Interesting fact

Bangalore has approximately 80,000 software professionals, the highest in the world. They also have highest number of software companies with an estimated 1000 entities.