Best Facilities & Practitioners Guide


Choosing the best hospital often depends on the specific problem but in general the three hospitals listed below are among the best:

• Apollo Hospitals (various locations)
• Manipal Hospital (five locations)
• Fortis Hospitals (five locations)

All large hospital chains offer diverse expertise ranging from dental care to psychiatry to cardiology under one roof with top specialists, all of whom are English-speaking. Often, it is most convenient to go to one of these recommended hospitals for any ailment, as they have a range of doctors from GPs to super specialists and you can be referred on to the appropriate doctor in-house.

Some other top hospitals in Bangalore are:

In an attempt to attract overseas patients, hospitals in Bangalore often super-specialise, offering great options for specific problems like spinal injuries or heart disease.

General Care and GPs

All the major hospitals mentioned above have General Practitioners attached to them. Many top GPs consult at several hospitals for a few hours every day, and it is often more convenient to meet them there, and have any required tests done on the premises. Apart from the hospitals listed above, the following are also known for general care and testing facilities:

Dental Care

As with GPs, all the hospitals mentioned above have dental departments with in-house and visiting dentists and all facilities. You could also go to one of the specialty dental hospitals listed below:

Optical Care

If you are only looking to get prescription glasses, or need an eye test and a new prescription, there are a few trusted optical stores that will do this for you. The recommendations below have several branches in Bangalore equipped with quality testing instruments and well trained staff:

For advanced optical care, consultations and emergencies, the following specialty hospitals are recommended:

Maternity Care

Specialty Hospitals

    • Samatvam Diabetics Centre (Jayanagar, Indiranagar and JP Nagar)
    • Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology (Bannerghatta Road)
    • Pristine Hospital (Modi Hospital road) [Phone: 41354444] offers super speciality services in neurology and spine, joint replacement, micro vascular and plastic surgery, incentive and critical care, intercity and high risk pregnancy, facto maxillary and dental care, etc.
    • Bangalore Institute Of Oncology (Wilson Garden) is one of the best cancer hospital in Bangalore, they offer all the cancer related treatment and facilities at an affordable cost.
    • Hosmat Hospital (Richmond Road) specialises in orthopaedics, sports medicine, arthritis and accident trauma