Pharmacies Guide for Expats

  • Pharmacies dot most main roads, and are also usually on the ground floor of most hospitals and clinics. They tend to carry a sometimes limited supply of medicine, as well as general hygiene products. Though a prescription from a local doctor should be issued to buy medicine, most pharmacies will issue without one (except in the case of sleeping pills, valium and other drugs with potential serious health risks). Your regular brand of prescription drugs may not be readily available, so it’s good idea to find out if you need to bring a supply with you, or check with your local doctor before departure about what the Indian equivalent might be.For minor ailments, your local pharmacist should be knowledgeable enough to provide the basic reliefs required. For anything that persists more than a couple of days, it’s best to book a consultation with a qualified doctor.Apollo Pharmacy is the largest chain of 24-hour pharmacies in Asia, as well as the city, attached to Apollo clinics and hospitals. There are some 30 locations in Bangalore, so check their website for your location. They also offer medical insurance that can be used across India in all major cities and have a highly-qualified English-speaking staff.Some otherr 24-hour pharmacies with lab facilities include: