Sport events options in Bangalore


Cricket is India’s chief sport; in fact, it is often said that it is more a religion than a sport! And Bangalore, as one of the foremost centres of cricket in the country, is cricket crazy. If you are a cricket fan, Bangalore has much to offer you. If you are not, any efforts made to understand the sport will certainly win you a lot of friends.

The 55,000 seater Chinnaswamy Stadium, on M.G. Road plays host to many national and international matches, as well as the ragingly popular Indian Premier League (IPL). Bangalore’s home team for the IPL are the Royal Challengers, and tickets for IPL matches can be bought online from Ticket Genie and Ticket Pro For other matches, tickets can be bought directly at Chinnaswamy Stadium, or from major malls and shopping centres (watch for pre-match announcements in the papers and on TV for ticket sale venues).

Most other sports enjoy a much lower profile, and for the most part, do not attract the kind of world-class matches that cricket does.


Several national level tournaments including the All-India Men’s and Women’s tournaments as well as the Wills Southern Open take place in Bangalore, at the Bangalore Golf Club ( or the Karnataka Golf Association ( Tickets can be bought directly from the venue.


Although there is no annual tennis event that takes place in Bangalore, the KSLTA stadium in Cubbon Park sometimes hosts Davis Cup and ATP tour matches. Tickets can be bought at the venue, or at major malls and shopping centres. Ticket venues will be announced in advance of the match.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is very popular in India, and Bangalore’s 5,000 seater hockey stadium in Shanti Nagar/Langford Town often hosts national (and occasionally, international) matches. Tickets can be bought at the venue.