Radio Communication Guide

Public Radio

There is free-to-air government controlled public radio called All India Radio, which airs regular news updates, both national and international and some of the most famous programs in the history of radio in India (Geetmala) that are immensely popular even today.

FM Radio

Over the last couple of years, local and national frequency medium radio channels have mushroomed. They are very popular and feature interactive programs, with news and popular hit numbers playing all day long.

A list of the FM channels available in Bangalore, and their frequencies:

    • Radio Indigo 91.9: is the only Bangalore radio station dedicated to English radio and plays popular English and international music, including the American Top 40 countdown.
    • Radio City 91.1 FM: Radio city is the first private FM radio station to come to Bangalore. English, Hindi and Kannada songs are broadcasted.
    • FM Rainbow 101.3 and Vividh Bharati 102.9: Controlled by All India Radio, they broadcast mainly Hindi and Kannada songs, apart from News updates.
    • Radio Mirchi 98.3, Big 92.7 FM (most popular local radio station), Red FM 93.5 FM, Radio One 94.3 FM, Amrutavarshini 100.1 FM (classical music), Fever 104 FM and Gyanvani 106.4 FM are privately owned FM stations, which play mostly Kannada and Hindi songs, alternating between English, Kanada and Hindi.