Internet at home

Most landline and mobile providers in Bangalore also serve as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) so while you are setting up a phone account, you can also organize an internet connection for your home. Though dial-up is still available, broadband/cable connections are the most popular option – offering the fastest speed. Plans vary among service providers so you can compare various avenues before making a decision. Most factors involve speed of connection, usage amount, and download limit. Of course, unlimited plans offer the most flexibility, which cost Rs 1000-2000 per month. Before you make a decision about an ISP, it is worth spending some time to think about the Internet access plans that best suit you. Most of these services are quick to initiate if you have the basic infrastructure in place.

  • Dial-up connection: For a dial-up internet connection, you can choose between BSNL and Sify, provided by Satyam Information Services. Dial-up internet connections are add-on’s for your landline connection.
  • Cable/broadband connection: For cable internet service providers, you can choose from Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom, among others. For a wireless connection, you may purchase a wireless router from either the ISP or from any electronics shop.

You can place an order on the internet or walk into any of the storerooms operated by these companies to arrange for a home internet connection. It may take a couple of days for a technician to come to your home and install the connection.

Required documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof
  • PAN card or Passport or Driving license.

URL of Providers

Internet Cafes

Numerous ‘cyber cafes’ are widely available everywhere around the city. These internet centres or cyber cafes charge Rs 10- Rs 20 for one hour of surfing and often offer printing facilities. Sify and Reliance world web have a number of internet outlets in the city and are very popular.