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Retiring abroad is becoming increasingly popular and the prospect of retiring in a new country can be extremely exciting for many people. After years of hard work it makes sense to seek out new experiences and moving to a new country can offer you a valuable opportunity to pursue new interests and an exciting lifestyle. Experiencing life as an expat living in a new country amongst different people can help you to see retirement as the start of a new exciting phase of your life as opposed to being the end of your productive existence.

When you plan a retirement abroad there are a number of critical areas that you should consider in order to make sure that your new life gets off to the best possible start and your retirement is as enjoyable as it should be. We have put together the next few sections to assist you to plan your overseas retirement and ensure that you have the best possible start to your move abroad. The topics covered include:

If you already have a destination in mind for your retirement then you should consider consulting an Expat Info Desk relocation guide. They contain everything you need to know about retring abroad and provide all the information you will need to make your overseas retirement there successful.