Retirement Visas

Retirement visas are not always compulsory and there are many countries throughout the world where it is possible for retirees to reside without any formal citizenship. Countries are increasingly trying to attract retirees by offering special programs that make retirement easier. However, retirees will usually be required to show proof of their retirement income and may also be asked to deposit a pre-determined amount of money in a local bank account. In the majority of countries retirees are not permitted to participate in any paid activity or run any type of business.

When you commence an application for retirement visas it is very important that you have all of the necessary documentation in place. You do not want to risk failing the application process and finding that you are required to repeat the whole experience at your own cost. Retirement visas generally last for one year and can be acquired from the local immigration office. You will need to speak to a local embassy or immigration official who will be able to give you far more specific information on applying for a retirement visa.

Every single country have their own laws pertaining to retirement visas and it is worth researching visa requirements in full. See our international relocation guides for comprehensive information about the type of visa that may be available to you in your chosen destination.

To learn more about obtaining permission to visit your dream country ahead of retiring, you can consult a travel visa specialist such as They provide detailed information about the visas for over 50 countries, so you know exactly what you need to enter.

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