Top Expatriate Destinations

The best expatriate destination really is a matter of taste and whilst some places repeatedly top the polls as being the best places to live, it could well be that these individual cities would be far from suitable for you. Over the next few pages we have presented our own summary of the top expatriate destinations throughout the world. These are intended to provide you with a broad overview of each country and assist you to start to form an opinion of which destinations are right for you.

1) Overview: Each sections starts with a brief introduction to the expatriate destination and provides a short overview of the living conditions and environment within that country.

2) The Country as an Expat Destination: Here we look at the types of expats that can be found in that destination and why they are there.

3) Climate: If you are seriously considering relocating to a new country then it is crucial that you understand what the climate in that location is like. Here you will find details of the weather conditions and patterns in the country as a whole. For city specific information please see the individual relocation guide.

4) Language: Will you need to learn the local language to fit in? You will be able to find people who speak the same language as you? In order to answer these questions please read the language section of our top expatriate destinations, where you can find details of who speaks what and where.

5) Expat Career and Job Opportunities: A key consideration for anyone who is looking to move abroad concerns the job prospects and availability, particularly if you have a spouse or other family members who may need to find work once you relocate. Here we share what we know about each individual destination’s job prospects and disclose the types of industries where you will be most likely to find success in your job hunt.

6) Things every expat should know: We have compiled this section from hints and tips that have been provided by people in the know, our destination guide writers. We have asked each of them to provide us with five things that they think potential expats should know about, some of them fun and others slightly more serious. These are intended as just tasters for the wealth of information that you can find within the international relocation guides. If you didn’t know about these things, what else don’t you know about?

The information we present here is not intended to read as a travel guide, we recognize that living somewhere as an expat is very different from taking vacation there. We have therefore presented facts and descriptions that are tailored to your needs as an existing, or potential, expatriate. We hope that you find our insights into top expatriate destinations useful and would love to hear any feedback you have.

If you are looking for city specific information you should consult our city guides. They contain comprehensive information pertaining to popular expatriate cities throughout the world. Written by expatriates who actually live and work in the cities, the city guides offer something that other travel guides cannot; a genuine insider view.

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