Toronto preview


Toronto is a very child-friendly city. As a relatively safe and clean urban centre, Toronto has earned a reputation for being a great place to bring and/or raise families. That said, Toronto is still a city, and like all cities, there are certain precautions that should always be taken to keep your children safe. Caution and common sense are the best tools to use around children in all cities in North America. The City of Toronto provides resources to parents both in the form of its Children Services Department and the Toronto Children's Aid Society. Both of these organizations work hard to keep children safe and healthy in the city.

In addition to these services, an excellent school system and a variety of daycare options, Toronto also boasts a staggering number of parks for children, museums and learning centres for their development, and day camps and programs for kids to have fun. While the city itself runs plenty of these programs, private groups and companies have also stepped up, offering shows and workshops involving everything from environmental education to music, comedy, puppetry and clowning.

For families raising young children, there are many, many great neighborhoods with green spaces, nearby schools, and extracurricular programs and activities. While many families choose to purchase homes in the suburbs of Toronto, plenty of parents have also made the decision to make their homes in the downtown and central parts of the city as well. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. While the suburbs provide more options for housing, living in the city proper allows parents more options for food and entertainment.

In this section, you will be able to find some tips and tools to ensure that your child has a safe, educational, and positive experience while living in the city of Toronto.