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Torontonians are generally very busy people and constantly on the go. While there are clubs available for most interests, many people are too busy with work, school, religious affairs and extra-curricular activities to be involved in a lot of clubs. Many clubs are geared towards the younger crowd, rather than at adults.

Expatriate Clubs

Despite the broad range of cultures in Toronto, there are very few clubs that are specifically geared towards the expatriate. Try some of these newcomer and culturally-based clubs.

A comprehensive site to help expats in new cities find friends and business associates.

Any woman who is American by birth or citizenship is welcome to join this Toronto networking group.

American politics are closely followed in Toronto Here are two sites to for politically minded expats to check.

Two great clubs for newcomers to Toronto to learn about the city and hook up with fellow expats.

Some Toronto expat groups have their own clubs and websites. Check the links below.

Business Clubs

There are several exclusive business clubs in Toronto. These clubs are great places to network and to get to know who’s who in the Canadian business world.

Here are a couple of networking sites to connect with female executives and business-owners.

Toastmasters is a group designed to help people brush up on their public speaking skills.

Expat Harvard Business grads have a site to keep in touch.

Chambers of Commerce generally promote trade between Canada and their home countries. They often organize both social and business events.

  • American Chamber of Commerce of Canada:
  • The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce:
  • French Chamber of Commerce: 20 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 3R3,(416) 205-9820
  • Arab Canadian Chamber of Commerce: 834 St Yonge, Toronto, ON M4W 2H1, (416) 544-0399
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce:

There are a few exclusive business clubs in Toronto where Expats might want to be seen and connect with like-minded Torontonians.

Athletic Clubs

Many Toronto citizens are quite active, and enjoy getting involved in athletic events. While most community centers and fitness centers host a range of athletic clubs, the following clubs have a broader base.

Golf and Country Clubs

Golf is a highly popular sport in Ontario, and many business people and expatriates join one of the many golf and country clubs throughout the GTA. Although there is no country club that has a higher expat membership than another, you can check the following website.

Community Service Organizations

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Toronto and meet people, both foreigners and natives, who are interested in donating their time and energy to a various array of projects. The following site provides a search tool that will match you with a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests: