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Where in the World do British Expats Live

British expatriates who are keen to escape life in the UK for a higher quality of life abroad are continuing to head to Australia according to statistics released by the UK…. Read More

US Tops the List of Retirement Destinations for British Expats

New research indicates that Brits who retire abroad are ditching the traditional favorite retirement destinations of Spain, France, Portugal and Greece in favor…. Read More

Canadian Super Visa Proves to be Super Popular

Many people put off a move abroad because it means leaving their loved ones behind. However, the Canadian government’s super visa allows families to remain…. Read More

Record Numbers of Expats Move to Canada

More expatriates relocated to Canada last year than ever before according to figures released by the Citizen and Immigration Canada. A total of 257,515 people took…. Read More

Canada Set to Fast Track Skilled Worker Visa Process

The Canadian government has announced that they will be speeding up the entry process for skilled workers as part of plans to help their oil, gas and construction…. Read More

Canada to Open its Doors to Higher Numbers of Residents and Expats in 2013

The government of Canada disclosed plans this week that they intend to admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new residents in 2013 and increase the number…. Read More

Canada Creates New Visa for Expat Entrepreneurs

Canada is set to implement a new visa that will be aimed at attracting entrepreneurs and investors, officials revealed last Tuesday. According to news reports…. Read More

Older British Expats no Longer Welcome in Canada

Canada is to put a limit on the number of older British expats that are offered visas to live and work in the country in a bid to modify the country’s expat demographics…. Read More

Canada’s Skilled Worker and Investment Visa Programmes Placed on Temporary Hold

A temporary hold has been placed on Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Programme and Federal Immigrant Investor Programme in Canada the Citizenship, Immigration…. Read More

Stable Cost of Living in Canada Continues to Attract Expats

Canada remains one of the top expatriate destinations in the world thanks to the stable cost of living on offer, the latest cost of living report from Mercer reveals…. Read More

Canada is Tops When it Comes to Expat Quality of Life

A survey released today has revealed that Canada is the expat destination that offers the best quality of life in the world. According to survey, which was publicized as…. Read More

China’s Millionaires Want to Leave China

Approximately half of China’s wealthiest citizens are planning to leave the country, according to a survey that was conducted by the Bank of China recently. The joint survey…. Read More

Melbourne Beats Vancouver to Top Spot in the List of Best Places to Live

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has named Melbourne the best city in the world in which to live in their latest ranking of the world’s best cities. Despite being named…. Read More

New Immigration Tool Launched for People Interested in Living in Canada

People who are considering living in Canada can now benefit from a new interactive website that allows would-be immigrants to the country to determine their eligibility…. Read More

Brits Name Canada the Best Expat Destination for the Second Year Running

A NatWest International survey of over 1000 British expats living throughout the world has revealed that Canada has the best quality of life on offer, with expats living…. Read More

World’s Friendliest Countries Named by Forbes Magazine and HSBC

Many expatriates move abroad never to return home — that may not be a big surprise if you find yourself living in one of the world’s friendliest countries. According to Forbes…. Read More